Dimmers and Boards


Elation Operater 192

Elation Scene Setter 24

Elation Stage Setter 8

DMX Transceiver: PDS-375 TRX

48ch X 2.4k CD80

6ch X 12k CD-80

12ch X 2.4k CD-80

20k DMX Standalone

12k CD80 DMX Standalone

6k Magic Gadget

2k Magic-Gadget: SPE-5

2k Variac

1k Variac

2k Inline AC Pro Dimmer

1k Handsqueezer

650w Handsqueezer

Neon Dimmer (5 Amp)

100' DMX 5 Pin Cable

50' DMX 5 Pin Cable

25' DMX 5 Pin Cable

10' DMX 5 Pin Cable

50' DMX 4 Pin Cable

25' DMX 4 Pin Cable

3 Pin (m) to 5 Pin (f) DMX

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